If you are a fan of Japanese anime and TV in general, Crunchyroll is a strong competitor to Netflix in this niche. Even if you manage to find some anime on Netflix, you won’t be able to clear “noise” and uncover the hidden gems.

Why you’ll love Crunchyroll

First, it’s the biggest anime-focused platform out there, dealing with most mainstream Asian studios. So, if the show is of any worth, it’s going to show up here.

Second, most of the popular stuff pops up just a couple of hours after it’s aired in Japan.

Third, all the videos are streamed in the 1080p format, so you’ll be able to enjoy the quality productions with no pixelation. And that’s actually the maximum quality you need since almost none of anime shows are mastered at a higher level.

It’s free to use, and you can register and pay the $5 monthly subscription fee in order to kill those ads, stalking your around.

Take a deep dive into anime and ogle with those big cartoonish eyes of yours for hours on end.