Even though you can find some concert recordings on Netflix, there’s not many of them there and they are hard to navigate. Qello take a cue and delivers a better suite of services.

What is it useful?

Most importantly, you can pick any song from within the concert and start playing it immediately. This is probably the best feature at Quello.

The site hosts a pretty large library of recordings from the previous and current decades, including full-length concerts and music documentaries. It tries offering a good range on various styles, including hip-hop, punk, jazz and more. While good-ol’ rock classics seems to be the most abundant section.

The annual subscription is $70, and you can use the 7-day free trial in order to dip your toe and see whether it’s your thing.

The videos buffer OK with no disturbances and play in decent quality. The backward/forward scrub function helps a lot when there’s some on-stage chatter at the start of a song.