Everybody likes to watch reality TV shows from time to time. And TV producers have learned to create all kinds of series, opening the unscripted window to the lives of the rich, famous and ordinary people all around us. Hayu is on an important mission, seeking to help you hook up with the latest reality TV shows from all over the world. Being almost one of a kind, this niche streaming platform offers a number of benefits.

Why you’ll love Hayu

First, there’s a lot of episodes with over 6,000 videos, so you’ll surely find that very TV show you pine after.

Second, all of the episodes are downloadable, enabling you to save them on your device in order to watch in transport and on holidays where there’s bad connection or none at all.

Third, the shows are in HD quality which makes it so pleasant to goon at the latest installments of your favorites like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and others.

Hayu charges the modest rate at $5 per month, and it’ll help you find more reality TV shows than you’d ever do on Netflix or any similar one-stop-shop service out there.