If you are searching for older and popular flicks, Archive.org can help you find those titles. The platform is offered for free and contains lots of books, songs and movies. In its spirit, it’s similar to a library.

Why is it useful

There’s around 5,000 titles for movies and around 1,300 for TV shows, meaning that you will probably find the item you are looking for.

Although you might come across a certain number of duplicate files, staying persistent will pay off and you’ll eventually locate the movie you need.

In contrast to Netflix and similar platforms, all works are in the public domain and served completely for free.

One of the coolest things ever is that you can search through TV broadcasts by captions which enables researchers to directly cite TV programming.

If you are currently looking for a new underdog service, competing with Netflix, then trying out Archive.org might be a good option since you don’t have to register or pay any fees in order to access the archived materials right now.